Choose Your Next Oud with Confidence

Easy Return
Ouds can be returned and replaced for no extra cost besides a small shipping fee.

We offer official invoices for your taxes and your financial records.

FREE Support
You can talk to expert oud players for free advice and support anytime

Easy Payments
Safe, secure and easy. Use Credit/Debit cards, Western Union transfer, Apply Pay and more.

Fast Free Shipping
We use UPS, DHL, Fedex, and other carriers which all offer secure, guaranteed shipping as fast as 3 days.

Free 1 Year Warranty
When purchasing an oud from Oudinstrument.com, you receive free support and a warranty that lasts a full year.

33 Checkpoints of Inspection
Oudinstrument.com offers custom made that can be designed, built, and shipped in less than one month.

Custom-Made Ouds
Oudinstrument.com offers custom made that can be designed, built, and shipped in less than one month.

Introducing a new platform, a new trusted shop, Oudinstrument.com

If you want to buy an Oud, strings, or a new case, then Oudinstrument.com is your new home.

On Oudinstrument.com, we offer a one of a kind policy for free, unlimited replacements and a full 1 year warranty.


We offer a 1 million dollar insurance policy to ensure that you receive your Oud in perfect condition. 24 hour customer service and support experts from the Middle east, America, and Europe.

With every new oud purchased, there are free pyramid lute strings worth 75$. A free hard case worth 200$. And some Ouds come with free video courses from School of Oud Online’s video module program worth $200. Deals change often.

What if this is the second oud you are buying from us?

Congratulations you get 10% off!

So when you want to buy an Oud for any time we are here with the world’s best policy, insurance, 1 year warranty, free valuable accessories, and 24 hour support that you will not find anywhere else online or in your local shop.


Product 1-Turkish Oud
Handmade Acoustic Oud, Larger Size, Deep Sound

Product 2- Egyptian Oud
Handmade Acoustic Oud, Mid to Low Frequency, Sultan of Sounds

Product 3- Iraqi Oud
Handmade Acoustic Oud, Sharper Sound, Perfect for Soloists

Product 4- Luxury Oud
Custom Handmade Acoustic Oud, Perfect for Precious Gift , Made of Gold, Amber, Rubies, and Diamonds

Product 5- iOud
Exclusive, One of a Kind Electric Oud, Play over 20,000 Different Sounds from Any Instrument and create sheet music in real time with zero latency

About the Founder Section

Ramy Adly is the founder of Oudinstrumet.com. Ramy Adly is an Arab Oud House graduate, Harvard business school graduate, and a world class oud player. He has performed for more than 15 years at venues such as the Kennedy center, opera houses, and many theaters around the world. As an Egyptian-American entrepreneur, Ramy Adly has founded TheMusician Marketplace.com, TheSchoolofOudOnline.com, and he is the CEO/founder of Oudinstrument.com.

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