Choose Your Next Oud with Confidence

Easy Return
Ouds can be returned and replaced for no extra cost besides a small shipping fee.

We offer official invoices for your taxes and your financial records.

FREE Support
You can talk to expert oud players for free advice and support anytime

Easy Payments
Safe, secure and easy. Use Credit/Debit cards, Western Union transfer, Apply Pay and more.

Fast Free Shipping
We use UPS, DHL, Fedex, and other carriers which all offer secure, guaranteed shipping as fast as 3 days.

Free 1 Year Warranty
When purchasing an oud from, you receive free support and a warranty that lasts a full year.

33 Checkpoints of Inspection offers custom made that can be designed, built, and shipped in less than one month.

Custom-Made Ouds offers custom made that can be designed, built, and shipped in less than one month.

What do I do if I do not like my Oud Instrument, it is damaged, or it is defective?

We guarantee the satisfaction of every customer on and you should immediately contact the help support number or email support at We will answer any questions, provide support, and help your order a free replacement.

Easy Return

There are no refunds available for any product but we do offer an easy return and replacement policy that is guaranteed to replace your Oud instrument. All returns must be made within 14 days of receiving the instrument. If you do not like the oud for any reason or the instrument is damaged, or it is defective, then you can order a free replacement oud until you are satisfied. Every replacement Oud is free except for a small shipping fee for the return. You are responsible for both the cost of shipping your instrument to and the cost of shipping the instrument  back to you.We are always available to provide you with assistance and maintenance in returning your oud instrument.

We use the best shipping carriers to ensure that the oud instrument is protected and sent to you perfectly. If the oud needs to be returned or replaced we expect that you do the same and use the original packaging. We use UPS, DHL, Fedex, and you must use the original shipping carrier for the return. The cost of shipping for returns and replacements are a responsibility of the customer unless there is a manufacturing or shipping problem.

Unlimited Oud Replacement Policy

Most of the oud makers have a limitation in terms of replacements, but you’re getting a replacement oud made by the same vendor that made your first oud. At we have authority over the replacements and under this 1st time in the world replacement policy, you can have unlimited replacements between, Iraqi Ouds, Egyptian Ouds or Turkish Ouds made by the top makers and 100’s vendors all under one umbrella. We are Oud players and we know that you are searching for an identity of sound when purchasing an oud. It doesn’t matter what sound you are looking for. We are trying to help you find an oud that you will love forever and offer you a very good value, but for sure we don’t want to be taken advantage of and we cannot create an opportunity for dishonest people who are trying to take advantage of us. We reserve the right to accept or reject any replacement claims.

We only cover the free shipping of the 1st Oud ordered. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs of the replacement oud being shipped and delivered from the oud vendor to the customer.

“Important Note”

Custom-made Ouds are not covered under the replacement policy. Since the custom-made Ouds have lots of specifications, we  unfortunately cannot allow replacements for Custom-made Ouds.

Free 1 Year Warranty

The Oud musical instruments are not protected by a manufacturing warranty, but pays for a 1 year warranty that provides the best coverage and policy in the industry. All assistance, maintenance, and exchangeable parts are free. We offer fast turnaround time that can not be found anywhere else. has a very high standard of quality, but if there is any issue regarding the maintenance of the product for any reason during one full year, we will be very happy to assist you in phone calls and live skype instruction for the free repairs of your This warranty is exclusively offered by

How to Return your Oud ?

  • We will provide tracking numbers and the address information of
  • Make sure to take pictures of the oud before and after packaging it for a return
  • Put Oud in the original packaging exactly how it was
  • Make sure there are no broken parts or scratches
  • Please go to the closest post office that uses UPS, Fedex, or DHL to ship your Oud back to us
  • Take a screenshot of your tracking number and send it to
  • Once the Oud arrives, we will start the fast process of sending a brand new oud to you
  • You can make a payment with our easy payment methods for only the shipping costs of your new oud

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