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Oudinstrument.com offers custom made that can be designed, built, and shipped in less than one month.

Welcome, I am Ramy Adly and this is the iOud.
My team and I worked very hard for many years to create this brand new, one of a kind instrument.

Can you imagine that a string instrument could perfectly play the sounds of a wind instrument? And it could for sure play this kind of stringed instrument.This instrument allows for me as an oud player to have unlimited possibilities and it has been the tool that I used to work on some soundtracks as the mission impossible 2018 movie trailer.

But please, do not mistake the iOud for the typical electric oud instrument. So far we have chosen to model the design made by Armeinan oud maker najarin. The best engineers in America have been working on this innovative technology to make it possible to work its magic.

I can now play all sounds with zero latency. I can play obo, banjo, or even the brass instrument.

Since we worked so hard on the iOud, the development has required thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. We have made sure that nobody else in the world has authority to copy this instrument or to use this idea elsewhere. Our attorneys created and strong patent to make sure that nobody else can sell or produce this instrument except Oudinstrument.com

Back to the fun, Let’s try out the iOud.
I hate to play alone and have all the fun, so this is why it is now available for preorder.

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