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The Difference Between the Oud Instrument and the Lute

The Difference Between the Oud Instrument and the Lute The Oud and the Lute are directly related string instruments. The Oud instrument has a hollow, teardrop shaped body with a short, fretless neck that has an angled peg box, and there are typically 11 strings separated into five courses with one low bass string. The Lute instrument has a rounded, […]

Luxury Oud Is the best gift to give an Arab Prince from Dubai and The Middle East 

Luxury Oud Is the best gift to give an Arab Prince from Dubai and The Middle East      What is the most luxurious gift you can give to your Arab friend A fast car, a big yacht, or designer watch are all luxurious gifts you can give to your Arab friend, but no other gifts are as precious as a luxury […]

Stories of the Arabic Oud 

Stories of the Arabic Oud    Al Farabi and the Holes of the Oud   Around the year 900 AD, there was a well known arabian scientist named Abu Nasr who was also becoming a well known oud player. At this time, the oud was still relatively unpopular and it was still played mostly in the middle east. According to […]

How to Buy an Oud?

 How to Choose Your Oud   Is this your first oud? Buying an oud for the first time may seem like a simple decision, but it is much more important than most people would think. When you are looking for an oud it is not just about buying whichever you like based on how it looks. Choosing an oud is […]

How to Protect my Oud?

How to Maintain your Oud After you choose and buy an oud, it is very important that you treat your oud with respect and take proper care of it. Be conscious of how you are storing your oud, where you are storing it, how you are cleaning it, and how you are tuning your oud instrument.   An oud should […]



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Why OudInstrument.com
is The World's Leader?

Oudinstrument.com is proud to be an American company that is operated by top expert oud players and partnered with the best oud makers in the world. We go the extra mile to safely deliver the highest quality ouds everytime.

The Iraqi Oud

The Iraqi oud is a musical instrument that is famous for its floating bridge, shorter size of 66.3 cm, and being ideal for oud soloists of the 21st century. It has high tension sharp note sounds that are balanced with the low base strings of the oud. The smaller size of the neck makes it easier to play fast, accurate chords and solos.

The Iraqi Soloist Oud features three open holes which allow for more resonance to be projected outside of the instrument. If you are performing or recording an oud session, you will not create the sounds you intend to play if you do not use a master oud.

The Arabic Oud

The Arabic Oud is considered to be the Sultan of oriental and middle eastern sounds. It is known for its fixed bridge and medium sized length of 67.5 cm. The decorative hole coverings and larger size give more personality and soul to an Egyptian Oud.

The Egypitan oud that is for sale on Oudinstrument.com is a versatile, high quality oud that is perfect for oud players of all experience levels. Be like the legendary Farid Al Atrash and play an Egyptian oud.

Luxury Oud

The luxury oud Arab music instrument, introduced by OudInstrument.Com, may be the most valuable and expensive oud in the world. The luxury oud is meticulously detailed and ornamented with gold, amber, and rubies to embody the wealth of the Arab culture. Luxury ouds are loved by kings and leaders of the Arab world such as the oud owned by His Excellency King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan,

In general, luxury ouds can be commissioned up to $1.2 Million dollars. The luxury ouds by OudInstrument.Com are commissioned with a detailed contract that start in the upper $20,000 range. The contract describes the specifications, choice of design, and the degree of precious materials such as gold, diamonds, or amber. Our contract warranty guarantees the authenticity of the materials used for the luxury oud, the safety of the shipping and arrival , and the elegant gift packaging. The luxury oud is a gift for a king and a true oud master.


We are excited to announce the most revolutionary musical invention of the 21st century. The iOud is a one of a kind, electric oud instrument that can play over 20,000 different sounds from string, wind, and percussion instruments. The iOud will also transcribe what is being played on the oud into the sheet music of any type of instrument with zero latency.

The iOud was invented, developed, and internationally patented by Ramy Adly and is exclusively for sale on Oudinstrument.com and School of Oud Online. The iOud is the most powerful musical tool for any composer or
musician of all genres.


Iraqi Oud Master

Naseer Shamma

Turkish Oud Master


Grammy Award

Rahim AlHaj


If there is any issue with your oud or you do not like it, please contact the support team which is easy to reach at any time. The support team will answer all questions and help you order a free replacement oud. Please contact the support team at support@oudinstrument.com

OudInstrument.Com accepts payment forms such as Visa credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Western Union Transactions and Transfers. All Transactions are 100% secure and protected by 24 bit SSL technology.

Please take a video of you opening the oud when you receive it, so there will be proof of any damages or manufacturing errors. The insurance policy of Oud Instrument LLC will cover the cost of a replacement oud for you.

You got it, Oud lessons are taught by master oud players on Schoolofoudonline.com live via skype call from the comfort of your own home and this is our parent company.

We partner with the world’s best shipping carriers such as DHL, UPS, and Fedex. We will provide you with a tracking number and the carrier information once your order is ready. All ready-to-sell ouds will arrive as fast as 3 days and custom ouds will be designed, built, and shipped in less than one month.

You can contact the support team at support@oudinstrument.com or by phone anytime to get any assistance with your oud. Our team of expert oud players will help you select an oud, put the strings on, and tune the instrument.

No, all shipping is free for any new instrument purchased and any complimentary items that come with it, but the replacements and returns do include a small shipping fee.

The iOud is a revolutionary electric oud that can play over 20,000 different sounds and transcribe the notes being played on the oud into any form of sheet music. The iOud was invented, designed, and internationally patented by Ramy Adly and School of Oud Online LLC. The iOud is a powerful tool for all musicians and composers. The iOud is exclusively for sale on Oudinstrument.com.

No, we do not offer refunds, but we do offer unlimited, high quality replacement ouds.


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